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May 9, 2016 / / Dev

We’re now in the world of automation. For today, just wanna share about how to do Continuous Deployment on Azure Website…

There are many many ways to do continuous deployment. We can have a build machine which do monitoring our source control then trig a service to do a new build and deploy each time we check-in the code. But .. that mean we have to had that build machine. (You may get it for free if you’re using the Visual Studio Team Services (aka. Visual Studio Online) which I don’t want to mention about it now.

For today with Azure website which everyone can get it free for 10 (tiny) instances, we will talk about automate deployment without any build machine. The azure website itself can do continuous deployment for you.

First thing first – Setup deployment source for Azure website.

You can do it by open your Azure Portal then open you website instance.

Go to Settings > Publishing section > Deployment source which you can pick from several souce control you’re using. It may ask you to enter credential to access your git repository and also let you select your project/branch.